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Facial Rejuvenation Testimonial


Kelly explains how her facial rejuvenation with Dr. Fredric Newman met and exceeded all of her expectations as an aesthetic nurse herself. She describes how her procedure - an upper and lower eyelid surgery, deep laser treatment, and chin and neck liposuction - essentially provided the same results as a full facelift, without the same level of surgery. Her results have refined her looks subtly enough that most people cannot tell she has undergone any facial treatment.

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Kelly: As an aesthetic nurse, I too have an eye for detail, and of course we always turn this eye on ourself. I'm going to have an upper and lower eyelid surgery. I'm having a full face deep laser, and then I'm going to have chin lipo. These three treatments put together, are going to be an overall tightening and youthful look, so I'm very very excited. What I really loved about the day of surgery is that the OR was private. I was the only patient there. Dr. Newman met with me again. He knew doing my upper and lower lids, doing the deep laser, and doing the chin and neck lipo was like a whole face lift because everything marries together. Dr. Newman: Having surgery is a stressful event. So I think it's appropriate and important to prepare them well beforehand. I'm always very honest with my patients. I do it in a very positive way. Kelly: Nobody has said to me, "Oh did you have your eyes done?" Or, "Oh did you have a laser treatment?" No, you can't tell. When I see my family and friends, some of the comments I'm hearing, they're telling me how beautiful I look and how healthy I look. It just enhances my looks without really having any kind of radical change.

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Dr. Newman listened but he also educated me. In addition to his results, it really came down to the confidence that he instilled in me. - Kim, Actual Patient

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