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Rhinoplasty FAQ in Fairfield County, CT

If you are considering rhinoplasty (sometimes called a “nose job”), it’s normal to have many questions.

Fredric Newman, MD, FACS, of Darien, CT, is one of the nation’s foremost experts in nasal plastic surgery. He can answer all your questions. Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty surgery...

See What Rhinoplasty Can Do

Fairfield County rhinoplasty results


Fairfield County rhinoplasty results


Fairfield County rhinoplasty results


Fairfield County rhinoplasty results


As a top Connecticut plastic surgeon Dr. Newman has been performing rhinoplasty in Fairfield County for over 30 years. He has pioneered new rhinoplasty techniques and has earned a nationwide reputation as an exceptional plastic surgeon. His natural-looking results speak for themselves.

Part One

How Do I Choose A Surgeon For Rhinoplasty?

When you are considering plastic surgery, you should choose a surgeon with experience and credentials. Don't choose a surgeon offering deals that are too good to be true when it comes to nose jobs. Work with a surgeon like Dr. Newman, whose signature technique, known as "The Newman Nose," has become the standard approach across the nation. If you need revision or reconstructive surgery, it is important to understand that these are considered especially difficult, and choosing a surgeon of Dr. Newman's caliber can be especially beneficial.

What Can Rhinoplasty Accomplish?

Rhinoplasty can provide subtle refinements or alter the shape and size of the nose significantly. Asymmetry and other issues can be addressed by reducing bumps in the bridge of the nose, changing the angle of the nasal tip, reducing large nostrils, and performing other techniques. Rhinoplasty can also serve a practical purpose by straightening a deviated septum (the cartilage that serves as the central supporting structure of the nose) to improve breathing. Rhinoplasty to treat a deviated septum is also known as septoplasty. With every rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Newman's goal is to harmonize the nose with other facial features, and he can provide refinements that look entirely natural and proportionate. He is adept at treating men, women, and patients of various ethnicities.

What if I Want To Revise Unsatisfactory Results Provided By Another Surgeon

Dr. Newman performs revision surgeries for patients who are unhappy with the results of a past nose job. These procedures are referred to as "revision rhinoplasty." Dr. Newman can help if you are experiencing structural issues or breathing problems, or if you simply do not like the appearance of your previously altered nose. The average revision rate for rhinoplasties performed by board-certified plastic surgeons is 12 percent. Dr. Newman's revision rate, however, is only three percent.

Will I Have Noticeable Scarring?

Dr. Newman can provide open or closed rhinoplasty (meaning incisions are placed either inside or outside the nose), but he recommends closed rhinoplasty whenever possible since this approach leaves no visible scars. When an open surgery technique is necessary, it may result in a very small scar on the columella, the tissue that connects the nostrils at the base of your nose. In Dr. Newman's hands, the resulting scar is extremely discreet.

What Can I Expect During Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that Dr. Newman usually performs under light general anesthesia. A simple rhinoplasty takes just over an hour. Most rhinoplasty surgeries are complete in under two hours. Patients do not feel any pain during the surgical procedure. After plastic surgery, you will be groggy from the general anesthesia. Therefore, you must arrange for a friend or loved one to drive you to and from your appointment and to stay with you overnight following surgery.

What is The Recovery Period Like?

You will leave our office in Darien, CT, with a splint on your nose and a small soft pack inside each nostril. During recovery, bleeding is normal within the first 24 hours, and you will need to breathe primarily through your mouth for a few days. Swelling is also normal, but you should not experience significant pain. Pain medication will be provided as needed. You can expect to return to normal, non-strenuous activities within a week.

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Ask Dr. Newman Your Questions Schedule a Consultation

Patients from Fairfield County, New York City, and beyond can schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman to have their questions answered directly.

We are currently offering in-person consultations in Darien, CT, as well as virtual consultations that allow you to meet with a renowned plastic surgeon from the comfort of your own home. To schedule a consultation, contact us online, or give our office a call. Call Us: (203) 656-9999

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"Dr. Newman Did A Wonderful Job!"

“I had revision rhinoplasty with Dr Neumann and his work is amazing. I am so happy with my results looks very natural. I am 4 week post surgery everyday I notice improvement. The process was very smooth . Everyone in the office was very helpful and nice. Choosing Dr. Neumann was best decisions.”

— Rosanna Paknoush | December 18, 2019

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“We selected Dr. Newman because of the rave reviews and he did not disappoint. My daughter had an injury as a small child which resulted in a large bump on her nose. Dr. Newman did a wonderful job! The follow up care is great too. Highly recommend. ”

— Marykate Cieri | February, 2020

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“This rhinoplasty was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. I now feel more confident. I’m always excited to see changes every month. My results just keep getting better and better! I got exactly what I wanted..a completely natural look! Forever thankful!”

— Maria Swayne

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“Beginning to end, Dr. Newman and his staff were knowledgeable, informative and comforting. Dr. Newman demonstrated genuine concern for what I wanted to address in my appearance and performed my rhinoplasty to fit my desires. I’ve received numerous compliments and my nose still remains natural looking. Thank you so much to this great practice!”

— Alanna Miele

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“Couldn't be happier to have chosen Dr. Newman and his team for my rhinoplasty/septoplasty procedure. Christina and the staff are so kind and accommodating. The surgical team happily answered my (many) questions, making me feel safe and well-prepared. I'm just under a month post-surgery and I'm already so pleased with the results. Would highly recommend.”

— Vanessa Pappagallo

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“I had a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Newman a little over a month ago and am very pleased with my results so far. I think that the whole process went really smoothly and everything was explained well. Everyone was very friendly and professional. Christina was very nice and helpful in answering all my questions and helping me through the whole process. The nurses I had were also amazing! I definitely would recommend Dr. Newman and his team to others.”

— Ashley H

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Part Two

What Age Is Best For Rhinoplasty?

When it comes to rhinoplasty for purely cosmetic reasons, The ideal age is between 16 and 60 but we have done rhinoplasty on younger and older patients when appropriate. Most teenagers, however, are still developing, so they should wait to surgically alter their appearance. On the other hand, when the surgery is performed to correct a deviated septum, patients of any age can qualify.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

With Dr. Newman in Darien, CT, a rhinoplasty procedure usually costs between $10,000 and $15,000. Insurance plans will sometimes cover a portion of the costs if surgery is necessary to correct a deviated septum (septoplasty) or address the results of an injury (reconstructive surgery). To help place rhinoplasty within your budget, Dr. Newman offers no-interest financing options.

What Will I Look Like After Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Newman is a true artist who uses extremely precise surgical techniques to reshape your nose and achieve the exact look you desire. The consultation process at our Darien practice is very thorough, so Dr. Newman will know your cosmetic goals and how to meet them. He consistently creates natural-looking results that complement his patients' facial features.

Are There Any Non-Surgical Alternatives?

 Most patients' goals for nasal refinement can only be achieved through rhinoplasty surgery. However, dermal fillers can be used to make small changes in the appearance of the nose. For the right candidates, Dr. Newman can use injectable treatments to improve shape and contour, conceal injuries, and enhance symmetry.

Are There Risks?

Every surgery involves risks, including infection and unsatisfactory results. However, you can greatly reduce these risks by choosing the right plastic surgeon.

How Long Will The Results of Rhinoplasty Last?

The results of rhinoplasty surgery are considered permanent, but it's important to understand that as you age, your features will continue to change. Results can be modified in the future through additional surgery, known as revision rhinoplasty.

Fairfield County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fredric Newman


Dr. Fredric Newman's extensive training and experience in plastic surgery began at Yale College, and he completed his general surgical training at Harvard Medical School. He has performed thousands of procedures during his career and is affiliated with a number of top-tier universities and professional associations, including:

  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery

To schedule a consultation at our Darien, CT, plastic surgery center, contact us online, or call our office (203) 656-9999.

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