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Facial Implants in Fairfield County, CT

At the Aesthetic Surgery Center, Dr. Fredric Newman can provide facial implants to enhance, balance, and rejuvenate your features.

Dr. Newman and his team in Darien, CT, offer all types of facial implants, as well as dermal fillers. You can transform or subtly alter your appearance with a chin, cheek, or jaw implant that allows you to experience more symmetrical and youthful features. Dr. Newman is recognized as an expert in facial plastic surgery in Connecticut and is known for providing beautiful, natural-looking results. During your consultation, he can recommend a treatment strategy tailored precisely to your features and goals.

Why Choose Facial Implants?

Beautiful bone structure is an asset at any age, creating attractive facial definition and contours.

Many patients wish to enhance their appearance with improved contours, and facial implants provide a safe, effective way to realize this goal. Implants for the chin, jaw, cheeks, and nose can be placed beneath the skin to improve shape or repair damage, with effects that range from subtle to dramatic.

Some patients choose one implant while others combine several for a complete makeover. Many patients wish to enhance their appearance with improved contours, and facial implants provide a safe, effective way to rejuvenate their features.

During your initial consultation for facial implants Fairfield County plastic surgeon Dr. Fredric Newman will offer his expert opinion on the best way to enhance your features and achieve the results you seek. With decades of experience in facial plastic surgery, he has developed an advanced understanding of facial anatomy and beauty, and provides consistently excellent results. Facial implants offered at The Aesthetic Surgical Center include:

Chin Implants

As one of the most common facial implants, a chin implant is often recommended to patients with recessed chins, sagging skin in the chin area, or a prominent nose. Chin implants address these issues by improving the definition of the jaw and providing balance alongside other facial features. To enhance the chin, Dr. Newman is careful to select an implant that is the proper size and shape for your face. Like other facial implants, chin implants come in a variety of forms and materials, both solid and semisolid, and can look incredibly natural when properly placed.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are especially useful for giving the face a fuller, more defined appearance. High cheekbones can complement all of your facial features and provide a dramatic overall enhancement. Broad cheeks can balance other strong facial features and make the whole face appear more refined and attractive. Often, the surgical refinement of the underlying tissues can provide a similar effect. Dr. Newman prefers this approach in the majority of cases.

Jaw Implants

Jaw implants can lend a sense of symmetry to the face and provide a flattering complement to a large nose. Jaw implants can also add width and dimension to the face and enhance a weak jaw. These facial implants are especially popular with men, since a firm, strong jaw is often associated with masculinity. In some cases, women also seek the aesthetic enhancement of a firmer jawline. A well-defined jaw has the added benefit of enhancing the definition of the neck as well.

Nasal Implants

Nasal implants are commonly used to reshape the nose during rhinoplasty. The goal in these cases is to enhance the bridge of the nose, correct asymmetry, or address a congenital defect or the results of an injury. Nasal implants can provide a natural-looking, seamless result, and may be more suitable than a cartilage graft in some cases. Dr. Newman has earned a reputation for providing beautiful rhinoplasty results, and can incorporate custom nasal implants into this procedure to help you achieve precisely the results you desire.

Placement of Implants

All of our Fairfield County facial implant procedures are performed under anesthesia in order to ensure your absolute comfort and safety throughout the surgery. Facial implant placement is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will be able to return home the day of the surgery.

To place a chin, cheek, or jaw implant, Dr. Newman will make an incision inside the mouth or in an existing crease in the facial skin. The implants will then be securely placed and the incision will be closed with sutures. A cheek implant is typically placed internally through the upper lip, while chin and jaw implants are inserted through a small incision underneath the chin itself.

If the incision is made inside your mouth, Dr. Newman will use small sutures that will eventually dissolve on their own. If the incision is made outside the mouth, the sutures will need to be removed five to six days later at your follow-up exam. Nasal implants are generally placed using incisions placed inside the nose to avoid scarring. All of our facial implant procedures leave scars that are virtually undetectable.

Contouring With Injectable Fillers

For patients who prefer a nonsurgical approach to facial contouring, or those who desire results that are best achieved by combining facial implants with further refinements, our practice offers a variety of dermal fillers. These popular injectable treatments can be used to add youthful volume and create attractive definition in the cheeks, chin, and nose. During your consultation, Dr. Newman can determine whether implants, fillers, or a combination of the two is the best way to provide your desired results. In some cases, a procedure such as facelift might be best to achieve your goals.

Sculptra® Aesthetic, an injectable poly-L-lactic acid, works to promote the growth of depleted collagen beneath the skin. A series of Sculptra® Aesthetic injections can fill sunken areas in the chin and temples, and add plumpness to cheeks. The results can last as long as two years. JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA XC offers a similar benefit, providing long-lasting volume and a lift in the cheek area.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC and Radiesse® fillers can be used to achieve non-surgical nasal enhancements. Radiesse® can also dramatically improve the appearance of deep nasolabial folds. Using fillers, Dr. Newman can help you achieve subtle enhancements in the shape of your nose. JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC lasts about six months, and Radiesse® provides cosmetic benefits for about a year.

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Dr. Fredric Newman's extensive training and experience in plastic surgery began at Yale College, and he completed his general surgical training at Harvard Medical School. He has performed thousands of procedures during his career and is affiliated with a number of top-tier universities and professional associations, including:

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