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Is Facelift Surgery Right for Me? By Dr. Fredric Newman on September 27, 2016

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As people age, they may look in the mirror and see an outer reflection that doesn’t match the way they feel on the inside. The signs of aging on the face and neck can make a person appear tired, unhappy, and worn down. Although there are many products that promise to reverse the signs of aging, the effects of these products are minimal. Only plastic surgery can dramatically transform an individual’s appearance to restore a more youthful and refreshed demeanor. Facelift surgery smooths the skin of the face and neck, lifts underlying facial muscles, and defines facial contours. The results of facelift surgery are remarkable. For those who are facelift candidates, treatment at our Darien, CT practice can completely rejuvenate the appearance.

Facelift Candidates

As the skin on the face and neck begins to droop and lines begin to deepen, many patients wonder if it is time to consider facelift surgery. The average facelift patient is in his or her 40s or 50s, but age actually does not play a role in determining facelift candidacy. What really matters is whether a patient is in good health and free of any medical complications that could increase the risks of surgery. If a patient is healthy, they can undergo facelift surgery at virtually any age, even into their 70s or 80s.

Aside from physical well being, we determine if patients will benefit from the procedure. It is important to consider each patient’s aesthetic concerns, as well as the goals they have for their treatment results. Below are the signs of aging that can most effectively be treated through facelift surgery:

Dr. Fredric Newman understands that each patient will have a unique set of needs. To accommodate these varying needs, Dr. Newman does offer different facelift techniques. While many patients are good candidates for a traditional facelift, there are others who do not want or need a full facelift. These patients may still be ideal facelift candidates, but they are likely better suited for a mini or mid-facelift, which focuses on the lower third of the face.

Enhancing Facelift Results

A facelift effectively reverses the most common signs of aging to enhance a patient’s natural beauty. However, there are certain areas of the face that may need additional attention. If necessary, Dr. Newman can combine facelift surgery with additional plastic surgery procedures, such as eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, or a forehead lift. These procedures allow Dr. Newman to target specific areas and provide patients with the most successful plastic surgery results.

Schedule a Consultation

The only effective way to determine facelift candidacy is through a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Fredric Newman. If you are interested in restoring a more youthful appearance and would like to know if a facelift is the answer, schedule an appointment with Dr. Newmanat your earliest convenience.

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