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Exercise After Facial Plastic Surgery: A Patient Timeline By Dr. Fredric Newman on January 21, 2017

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After undergoing any kind of surgical procedure, your first priority should be getting proper rest. Taking time off from work and avoiding strenuous physical activity allows your body to fully heal as soon as possible. Patients at our Darien facial cosmetic surgery center are given ample instructions for post-operative care to ensure proper healing.

Most patients will take a week or two off from work, and may be advised to avoid certain work duties after they return to their jobs just to be on the safe side. Patients are also advised to avoid their normal exercise routines after surgery until they have fully recovered. This can be difficult for people who led active lifestyles, but it's essential for lasting wellness and ideal results.

How Exercising Too Soon Can Impact Surgical Recovery

If you exercise too soon after a plastic surgery procedure, a number of complications may arise. The biggest risk is reopening an incision or harming sutures from surgery. Heavy lifting, straining, and cardio can put a lot of stress on incision sites that are still in the process of healing. This could result in larger scars, bleeding, infection, and worse complications.

When it comes to the results of surgery, exercising too hard can actually lead to worse post-op outcomes. For example, your nose after rhinoplasty is so delicate that the pressure from a pair of glasses o sunglasses can affect the shape of the bridge.

Walking as Exercise Is Recommended Early On

Even though heavy lifting, jogging, and yoga are not recommended after surgery, walking is an ideal way to stay active and prevent healing issues. Walking promotes blood circulation, which in turn prevents blood clots from forming in your legs, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is common in people who do not move for a long period of time.

You may be uncomfortable after surgery, but walking for just a few minutes a day early on can make all the difference.

A Timeline for Walking After Facial Plastic Surgery

This general timeline varies from patients to patient depending on the surgery they have undergoing, but it's a general guideline to consider for your first month of recovery.

Week Five: Slowly Returning to Normal Exercise

By the fifth week after your surgery, you will typically be able to return to some of your normal exercise routine. Heavy lifting and strenuous running is still not recommended, but light jogging and stretching should be fine by this time.

Take It Slow and Follow Your Surgeon's Instructions

At week six, you can add a bit more intensity to your workout. Take things week by week, and pay attention to how you feel as you exercise. Take this part of recovery at your own pace, and be sure to follow your surgeon's guidelines.

Learn More About Recovery After Facial Plastic Surgery

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