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Rhinoplasty Testimonial: Brooke's Story


In this rhinoplasty testimonial, Brooke explains that she used to be very insecure about the appearance of her nose, and would shy away from taking pictures. Dr. Newman reshaped Brooke's nose in a way that renewed her confidence and self-esteem. Brooke says Dr. Newman is a trustworthy and skilled surgeon.

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Okay. My name is Brooke. I got surgery in May 20th of 2015. I love my nose. I was very insecure about it before, in the way I took my pictures and in my profile. I had a large bump. I was in a deviated septum on my left side and I feel so much better about just how I feel, and it's just great. Dr. Newman was great. I had full trust in him, he did a great job, and this is probably one of the easiest surgeries you can have.

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Dr. Newman listened but he also educated me. In addition to his results, it really came down to the confidence that he instilled in me. - Kim, Actual Patient

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