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Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation


In order to redefine her high cheekbones and angular jaw, Peggy consulted Dr. Fredric Newman about facial rejuvenation strategies. Despite her initial reservations, her faith in his abilities persuaded her to try his recommendations. She is particularly pleased with the subtlety of his results. While many have noticed the changes, none have thought she had work done.

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Peggy: Everybody has their own concept of what attractive facial features are. And for me, because I have high cheekbones and an angular jaw, that was important. But over a period of time it changes with the aging process. That's when I thought that I wanted to defy this process and rejuvenate my facial features. So that's when I came to Dr. Newman to discuss it with him. And he made some suggestions that at first I thought, well, I'm not sure. But then I have such trust in him. He's a very professional and positive person that I said, "Well, might as well try it." And it was terrific. Dr. Newman: I think at the very least, you ought to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon as a minimal, entry level requirement. Turns out there are about 7,000 board certified plastic surgeons in the country today and I'm one of them. Peggy: Some people say, "You must have been on vacation, you look so rested." I'm just pleased. Nobody has said, "Have you had some work done?" And that's what I wanted, that was the ultimate achievement. I could trust that Dr. Newman knew exactly what I wanted. I just had a phenomenal experience. I think Dr. Newman is the right person to go to.

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Dr. Newman listened but he also educated me. In addition to his results, it really came down to the confidence that he instilled in me. - Kim, Actual Patient

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