Laser Scar Treatment

Scar treatment can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life. We offer laser scar treatment because we understand the effect that conspicuous scars can have on a person’s self confidence. Reducing the appearance of a conspicuous scar can greatly improve a person’s self-esteem and, in turn, his or her comfort level in social situations. At The Aesthetic Surgery Center, we believe that you should be able to feel happy with the person you see in the mirror, and we are happy to help align that image with the individual you know and love.

Laser Scar Treatment

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Scars occur when there is damage to the skin. There are a multitude of possible causes of skin damage, including physical injury, acne, and certain types of skin disorders. Because of this, scars can vary greatly in size, shape, and appearance. The effectiveness of laser scar treatment is in part dependent on the size of the scar. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to minimize the appearance of your scar and will approach your treatment with your goals in mind. It is important to note that a scar cannot be completely removed with laser treatment, but the appearance of a scar can be greatly reduced, and many of our patients have come away extremely satisfied with their results.

Our practice utilizes fractional laser technology to reduce the appearance of scars. This non-invasive technique creates beams of laser energy to penetrate the layers of skin in the target area and help the skin form healthier tissue. This ultimately can work to diminish the appearance of the scar in a relatively quick procedure that typically results in little to no discomfort or recovery time.

Though the results of laser scar treatment will depend on a variety of factors, patients can typically expect smoother skin, reduced color, and a reduced appearance in the size of the scar.

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