Rhinoplasty Revision

While the majority of nose surgery candidates experience satisfying results and report improved self-confidence and body image, rhinoplasty is a complex and difficult procedure after which some patients require a second operation. Dr. Fredric Newman is well known in his field for his skill in performing revision rhinoplasty.

Need for Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients undergo revision rhinoplasty, also referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, when the first procedure results in cosmetic or functional problems that need to be improved or repaired. This corrective procedure can be even more challenging and delicate than the primary rhinoplasty and requires a surgeon with specialized knowledge of the operation. A great deal of effort is put into revision rhinoplasty at The Aesthetic Surgery Center, where Dr. Newman has operated on patients who have had as many as seven previous surgeries performed by less skilled surgeons. Don’t give up: many different things can be done if you have had one or more damaging or unsatisfactory rhinoplasty surgeries.

Revision Rhinoplasty for Cosmetic Reasons

Many patients choose to undergo their initial rhinoplasty surgeries because they feel their noses are too wide, crooked, long, or pointy, or that they have distractingly large humps or bulbous tips. Due to the fact that rhinoplasty is such an individualized operation, it can be argued that it is the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedure to perform well. Among the mistakes that might lead a patient to undergo a revision rhinoplasty are:

  • Removal of too much tissue from the nasal tip.
  • Asymmetry – the surgeon failed to perform the same technique on both sides of the nose.
  • Crooked Nose – the surgeon failed to address a deviated septum, or attempted to narrow the nose to the extent that the sidewall collapses inward.

Some other cosmetic issues that might cause a patient to request revision rhinoplasty are unsightly bumps and dips, excessive scarring, or a nose that is too thick or thin. Revision rhinoplasty may fix these problems by filing down bumps and augmenting areas that are too concave or small with implants or donor tissue from another site on the patient’s body. Since previous surgery may have resulted in the excess removal or twisting of supporting bone and cartilage and a buildup of scar tissue, Dr. Newman will carefully replace any missing structure and reposition cartilage in a way that perfects both the size and shape of the nose.

before rhinoplasty
after rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty Revision Results. View More

Revision Rhinoplasty for Functional Reasons

The size and proportions of the nose play a huge role in facial aesthetics, but these features are also inextricably linked to the nose’s function. Thus, in certain cases, the damage from a previous nose surgery may not be purely cosmetic. Nasal collapse, difficulty breathing, nasal drip, and headaches are some of the complications that could make a revision rhinoplasty necessary. These impediments can be physically and emotionally traumatic for the patient, as they may hinder his or her self-esteem, social life, and physical activities. Often, insurance will cover all or part of your rhinoplasty cost if you are having revision rhinoplasty to address a functional issue.

Importance of Using a Surgeon Skilled in Revision Rhinoplasty

The revision rhinoplasty procedure is a very specialized surgery, so you will need to be sure your surgeon has the skill and experience necessary for giving you a beautiful outcome. Dr. Newman places a strong emphasis on maintaining the structural support of your nose, ensuring that function, as well as outward beauty, is maintained. Dr. Newman encourages his patients to engage in careful consideration before deciding to go ahead with any cosmetic procedure, and will take the time to fully understand your goals and desires for your new nose.

Dr. Newman is often sought out to do revision rhinoplasty. This is a delicate process because it repairs the work of a prior surgery. To better see Dr. Newman’s talent in performing revision rhinoplasty, view before and after photographs of his plastic surgery patients.

Dr. Fredric Newman

Dr. Fredric Newman MD, FACS

Dr. Fredric Newman's extensive training and experience in plastic surgery began at Yale College, and he completed his general surgical training at Harvard Medical School. He has performed thousands of procedures during his career and is affiliated with a number of top-tier universities and professional associations, including:

  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Newman listened but he also educated me. In addition to his results, it really came down to the confidence that he instilled in me. - Kim, Actual Patient

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