Neck Lift Surgery

Excess skin laxity in the neck area can cause men and women to look aged beyond their years. Fortunately, a neck lift by Dr. Fredric Newman in Darien, CT, can provide powerful and long-lasting rejuvenation. The procedure tightens muscle tissue, eliminates excess fat, and removes excess skin to give patients an enhanced appearance and a significant boost in confidence. In some instances, patients may choose to combine neck lift surgery with a mini facelift or another type of facelift procedure in order to enhance jawline definition in addition to improving neck contours. During a private consultation, Dr. Newman can help determine if a neck lift is the right way to help you achieve the appearance your desire.

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The loss of youthful contours in the neck can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, gravity, and environmental conditions. Neck lift surgery can rejuvenate the neck to improve visible signs of aging.

What to Expect during the Procedure

A neck lift involves removing excess skin and tightening the remainder for a firmer, more youthful appearance in the neck. The specific refinements made during a neck lift procedure are highly dependent on the patient's goals, but typically involve removing excess fat, trimming loose skin, and tightening the muscle tissue. To achieve this, a local or general anesthetic is first administered, and then incisions are made behind the ears and underneath the chin. The placement of these incisions not only provides the doctor with the ability to make the necessary refinements, but also makes any residual scarring inconspicuous. To achieve optimal results, a neck lift may be combined with liposuction or laser wrinkle treatment. The full scope of your treatment will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Newman.

Many of our patients have found that neck lift surgery has a dramatic and positive impact on their lives.

The Recovery

After your surgery, it is advised that you stay in bed for two or three days and avoid any strenuous activity. Additionally, a compression garment should be worn for about a week to promote healing and help ensure the proper results. Within a week or two, the results of the procedure should be evident, though it can take three to six months to fully heal. It is common for bruising and swelling to occur in the first week or so, but if you follow your surgeon's instructions, the symptoms will subside quickly.

A Wealth of Benefits

You can expect a healthier-looking, smoother, more refined neck after your neck lift procedure, with results lasting from five to 10 years if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many of our patients have found that neck lift surgery has a dramatic and positive impact on their lives. With improved self-confidence, our patients often find themselves enjoying more rewarding social lives and having more outgoing dispositions. 

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Facial cosmetic surgery performed by an experienced surgeon can provide life-changing benefits. If you are interested in learning what neck lift surgery can do for you, please contact us online or call (203) 987-6284 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman.

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