Understanding the Cost of Breast Surgery

Looking and feeling your best should not be something that is unattainable because of cost. Typically, breast augmentation surgery costs vary. Procedures can be financed, and some procedures may even be covered by insurance. Dr. Fredric Newman does everything he can to make your cosmetic surgery experience a painless one, physically and financially.

Payment Options

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The cost of breast enhancement surgery is a common question for many patients.Breast augmentation surgery costs for patients visiting The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Connecticut will vary depending on the type of cosmetic enhancement they are undergoing. However, financing is available. Many banks and financing companies will help with the costs of surgery, offering low monthly payments with little or no down payment. If you would like to finance breast augmentation costs, our staff can refer you to a financing company that can help.


Many insurance companies will cover some breast surgery costs for certain procedures. Breast reduction and breast reconstruction surgeries are two of the most common procedures that insurance may cover, at least partially. Some instances of breast revision surgery may also be covered by insurance. Patients considering these procedures should look into their insurance coverage to see if they may be covered. Breast augmentation costs are generally not covered by insurance.

Breast augmentation prices vary at our surgery center, depending on which procedure you are considering. The professional staff at The Aesthetic Surgery Center will be happy to go over your financial options with you. For more information on breast augmentation prices, contact our office.

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Dr. Newman listened but he also educated me. In addition to his results, it really came down to the confidence that he instilled in me. - Kim, Actual Patient

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