Breast Enhancement and Reconstruction

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Fredric Newman offers breast augmentation to women who wish to enhance small or asymmetrical breasts. Each procedure is carefully tailored to provide results that complement your figure and look completely natural. 

Breast Implants

Breast implants can be filled with saline, silicone, or cohesive silicone gel. Dr. Newman prefers cohesive silicone implants, also known as gummy bear implants, because they do not leak when rupture occurs. Cohesive gel implants also have greater longevity than saline implants.

Dr. Newman will explain the advantages and disadvantages for all implant placement options at your initial breast implants consultation.

Breast Lift

Aging, weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can cause the breasts to sag. Breast lift surgery is a process of removing excess tissue and tightening remaining tissue for a perkier, more youthful bust. The procedure is often combined with implants for restored volume. 

Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can make women feel self-conscious and even result in several health concerns, such as back pain and poor posture. A more proportionate bustline as a result of breast reduction surgery can improve confidence and help you lead a more comfortable, healthy, and active lifestyle. 

Revisional Breast Surgery

A revisional breast surgery can become necessary for several reasons. The procedure can replace a ruptured implant, correct capsular contracture (a painful tightening of scar tissue around the implant), or correct unsatisfactory results of a previous surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Women who have undergone mastectomy or experienced an injury can restore their breasts with reconstructive surgery by Dr. Newman. He is also experienced in revising and enhancing the results of past reconstructive procedures. 

Breast Surgery Costs

The cost of breast surgery varies from to case. Some procedures, like breast reduction, may even be covered by insurance. For out-of-pocket costs, our team will provide all the assistance needed to find a financing plan that fits your budget. 

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