Dr. Fredric Newman learned to perform liposuction while studying with Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz, who is credited with perfecting modern liposuction. In fact, Dr. Newman was one of the first practitioners to use these techniques in the United States. Liposuction removes unwanted fat deposits that do not respond to exercise or dieting. It can be used to enhance several areas of the body, including the face, neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and ankles. If you are struggling with unresponsive fat deposits, liposuction by Dr. Newman at his Darien, CT, clinic can provide profound benefits.

Before and after liposuction surgery
This liposuction patient felt more confident in her appearance and noticed her clothes fit better after the procedure. View more results of real patients.

Liposuction Candidates

Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment. Instead, it helps healthy patients at a stable weight to remove unwanted fat deposits. It is often included in body contouring treatments to help patients who have lost significant weight, but struggle with some remaining fat tissue. It is usually incorporated into abdominoplasty and mommy makeover procedures as well.

During a consultation, Dr. Newman will review your health history and take note of your goals in order to determine if liposuction is right for you.

How is Liposuction Performed?

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure performed using general anesthesia in order to maintain patient comfort throughout surgery. It is performed using a device called a cannula. The cannula is a very thin, hollow tube, and it is attached to a device that creates suction. The cannula is inserted into the treatment area through one or more very small incisions. As the cannula is moved gently back and forth, excess fat is suctioned away. 

Dr. Newman is a uniquely qualified surgeon who can help you achieve not only a leaner figure, but also an incredible boost in confidence.

Liposuction Recovery

After a recovery period in Dr. Newman's private surgical suite, a loved one can drive you home the day of surgery. You should plan to rest for the remainder of the day. You will be provided with compression garments that will help you skin to conform to your enhanced contours.

Liposuction patients with non-strenuous jobs are usually able to return to work within a few days, and can resume more strenuous physical activity within a couple of weeks. This timeline can change depending on whether you had liposuction performed in conjunction with other procedures. Throughout recovery, you will meet with Dr. Newman for follow-up visits in which he will monitor your healing and provide instructions regarding when to resume specific activities.

Liposuction Results

Maintaining a healthy weight after surgery can help you enjoy the results of liposuction for many years to come. For the best results, patients should plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and abstinence from smoking.

Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon is the single most significant measure a patient can take in ensuring the success of liposuction or any other plastic surgery procedure. Having studied with the 20th Century's most significant innovator in liposuction, Dr. Newman is uniquely qualified to help you achieve not only a leaner figure, but also an incredible boost in confidence.

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You deserve to love the way you look. While a dedication to exercise and a healthy diet can help you make significant strides toward the body you want, it cannot always eliminate excess fat deposits. If you have tried unsuccessfully to achieve leaner body contours, schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman to find out if liposuction is the solution for you. 

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