3 Popular Procedures Often Combined with the Neck Lift

By Dr. Fredric Newman on August 07, 2014

neck lift darien fairfield ct While many stand-alone plastic surgery procedures can provide patients with their ideal results, Dr. Fredric Newman recognizes that in some cases, combining two or more procedures can offer a more natural-looking, balanced outcome and a more comprehensive rejuvenation. The neck lift, for instance, is one procedure that is often very beneficial for patients when done in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure.

A neck lift treats thin, inelastic skin and hanging tissue of the neck. Our experienced plastic surgeon explains that, although some patients can achieve their goals by lifting the neck tissue alone, many people can attain a more ideal outcome when they undergo an additional surgical treatment. Dr. Newman notes the following procedures to be the most beneficial to combine with the neck lift at the Aesthetic Surgery Center:

Dr. Newman explains that many patients can see enhanced results when they address the mid to lower facial region in addition to the neck. After evaluating your individual needs, if he believes this combination will not ultimately provide the ideal results, then Dr. Newman may recommend a full facelift for a greater transformation. Alternatively, liposuction in addition to a neck lift, may be all that is needed to meet your goals. Whether a neck lift by itself or in combination with another procedure may be necessary, Dr. Newman says that patients - especially between the ages of 30 and 50 - typically experience significant skin tightening results for a beautiful, natural-looking neck rejuvenation.

To learn if you are a good candidate for a neck lift or other cosmetic procedures, please contact us to schedule your consultation. Stay tuned for our next blog post revealing the benefit of combining a neck lift with rejuvenative facial procedures.

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