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An attractive nose can do as much for a person’s facial beauty as any single feature, lending harmony and balance in a way that others always perceive but find hard to place. When a nose is proportioned to complement the other features of the face, the improvement is subtle but effective. Proper proportioning can be achieved through rhinoplasty at The Aesthetic Surgery Center, located in Fairfield County uses a wide range of advanced techniques to adjust the shape, size, or general appearance of the nose, ultimately bringing it into more harmonious balance with the patient’s other facial features.

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How is rhinoplasty performed?

The patient’s desired results as well as Dr. Newman’s professional opinion on how to achieve the best results determine what rhinoplasty technique is used. Rhinoplasty can be performed “closed,” in which all incisions are made inside the individual nostrils. However, the surgeon may prefer an “open” technique, making an incision across the small strip of skin between the nostrils (columella).

Working through these incisions, the rhinoplasty surgeon reshapes the structure of bone and cartilage under the nose. Some bones in the nose may be moved or reformed. Other areas may need to be built up with cartilage or bone, either from the nose or other sources. The skin is then repositioned on the new framework. In cases where the lower part of the nose or the nostrils are being adjusted, our surgeon may have to remove small sections of skin from the base of the nostrils, though this is done very inconspicuously through small incisions in the creases of the nose. To learn more about the nose job procedure, please visit our rhinoplasty surgical approaches page or schedule a rhinoplasty consultation at our office in Darien, Connecticut.

Nose Surgery Candidates

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Open and Closed Nose Surgery

Open nose surgery involves an incision in the columella, the area that separates the two nostrils. Closed nose surgery does not involve any incisions outside the nose. Read More

Revision Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty Costs

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Male Rhinoplasty

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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How will I be cared for on the day of my surgery?

Rhinoplasty can be performed in a hospital, an outpatient center, or at a surgery room in an office. Although it is not uncommon for patients to spend a night or more in a recovery room, many patients can return home the same day.

Patients may undergo rhinoplasty with the help of local anesthesia and a sedative, though the patient and surgeon may determine that general anesthesia is best in some cases. Typically, an anesthesiologist is on hand to monitor the patient during the operation.

Traveling from Out of Town?

Dear Dr. Newman,
Thank you very much for doing such a great job on my nose. After a couple of days, the swelling of my face came down and I could really see the great results. You did a great job!!! I will be sure to refer all my friends to you if they ever need a plastic surgery doctor.

M.B., actual patient

How will I look and feel right after surgery?

When rhinoplasty surgery is completed, you’ll be taken to a recovery area. There is generally minimal discomfort. A splint may be applied to the bridge of the nose to protect the nose.

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It is important for you to establish a strong relationship with your doctor in order to achieve optimal results. Dr. Newman understands that there is not one perfect nose shape for everyone, and he will work with you to customize your procedure. During your rhinoplasty consultation you will be able to express your goals and concerns to Dr. Newman and he will help ensure that you get the surgical results you want. Schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Fredric Newman today to discuss what you would like to change about your nose.

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